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See what some of Kathy's past clients have to say about working with her:

At 56 I thought I was too young to think about retirement. But through Kathy's coaching she made me realize that no age is too young as you need to build that retirement plan today to make the transition from work to retirement as smooth as possible. From Kathy, I learned that if I have retirement goals, which I do, I need to begin to focus today on how to make these happen, so the day I retire, I can easily step into a new and exciting phase of my life. If retirement for you is more than just putting up your feet, I highly recommend Kathy's coaching if you want an active, rewarding life after you leave the workforce. I really enjoyed the entire process and see the value of starting early. - J.M., Kelowna, BC  
I found the Ideal Retirement Coaching program to be a great opportunity to reflect on my goals and the challenges that I might face in retirement.  I knew I would be financially secure in my retirement but there is more to life than just knowing that you’ll have a roof over your head and food on the table. Work fulfills so many other aspects in one’s life. It was difficult to see how retirement would fulfill my needs to achieve, to socialize and be relevant, while at the same time to play and relax.  
By completing the assessments and exercises and talking things through with Kathy I learned about myself, identified the challenges, created goals for my retirement and obtained the confidence that I needed to move forward into that future.  The program really helped with the transition from work to retirement and if I continue to act on my goals will ensure that my retirement is all that I now hope it will be.  

Thanks Kathy, I really appreciate your thoughtful and probing interest in my well-being.  C.R. - Kelowna, BC  
Feeling as though I was stuck in a rut, I was drawn to coaching as an opportunity to develop myself professionally. Thanks to Kathy’s guidance and encouragement, I gradually learned that I was the only one holding me back. Kathy’s sincere coaching style and incredible use of humor put me at ease and helped me to realize that I already had all of the answers (who knew?).

Coaching taught me to be honest with myself and finally see myself the way others do. As my coach, Kathy always asked the right questions and held up a mirror for me (so to speak) along the way. I’m good at what I do and I can actually see that now. As a result, I’ve not only developed myself professionally but personally as well. 

Words can’t express my gratitude to Kathy for her gift of coaching. Her patience, humor and support have made a huge impact – she’s empowered me to always reach high – and to encourage others to do the same! - J.F., Victoria, BC 
The coaching process allowed me to vent my fears about retirement and helped me to reinforce some ideas and to open up to imagine new ones. While, I still have lots of work to do,  I will be giving myself permission to explore many of the possibilities beyond my last day of work. - B.C., Vancouver, BC

In four sessions, with ample homework and reflection time in between, I was able to find clarity on major career and leisure decisions that I had been struggling with.

I had no idea what the outcome of each session would be and Kathy empowered me to come to the right decisions myself. Her skill and professionalism in validating my qualities and attributes was very reassuring. Without this coaching, I would still be struggling with making the life changing choices and decisions that I felt supported through by Kathy.
I came away with a much deeper optimism towards my future renewal life cycle of retirement and simply look at it with very different eyes than when I started this process. I am so content with my own progress that both my husband and I are planning to embark on joint coaching to further clarify our retirement goals.

I highly recommend Kathy and retirement coaching to assist you in the gift of clarity and empowerment for your future. - J.F., Kelowna, BC 

I had never received coaching before and admittedly I was a bit skeptical; however, I can honestly say that I benefitted greatly from the coaching I received from Kathy. At the time, I was having difficulty achieving a particular goal, because it felt overwhelming to me. Kathy was able to help me break down my problem into smaller steps that made the solution much more realistic and less overpowering. Instead of telling me what to do, she asked me questions that guided me to self-reflect on achieving my goal, to identify the obstacles that might be getting in my way, to set out simple steps as to what I needed to do next, and then she held me accountable to my plan! By the end of my coaching I had successfully achieved my goal. Without hesitation I would recommend Kathy’s coaching services. - S.M., Kelowna, BC  

I worked with Kathy last year when I was looking to make a career change. I appreciated her professional guidance, knowledge and the comfortable atmosphere she created as a coach. Through our conversations and the resources she provided, Kathy helped me to make the necessary decisions and steps to move forward. In addition, she helped me identify new skills and strengths about myself that helped me in the process. I highly recommend Kathy to anyone who is looking to make a change, needing encouragement or guidance in regards to their employment, and career circumstances. - J.W., Langley, BC

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