What is Retirement Coaching?


How you deal with those many changes can make the difference between leading a vibrant and satisfying life or starting on a steady decline in retirement. Helping you successfully navigate this transition and achieve your retirement dreams so you can live this phase of your life to the fullest, is what retirement coaching is all about!

Retirement coaching empowers you to live your very own version of the ‘good life’ – whatever that might look like. The retirement coaching process helps you:

  • determine your readiness for retirement
  • get clarity on your priorities
  • reflect on the various possibilities open to you
  • set goals, and
  • develop a plan to take action towards them.

Working with a Certified Retirement Coach makes the whole process easier and helps you build a plan to achieve your dreams faster.

Certified Retirement Coaches are specifically trained to assist individuals transition into this next phase of their lives. Through the administration of assessments and exercises, you will gain insight into your unique strengths, barriers, and life circumstances that are likely to impact how you will transition into retirement. A Certified Retirement Coach provides support, encouragement and the tools you’ll need to use that knowledge to create your ideal retirement!

Retirement coaching has benefited thousands of individuals, couples and employees of corporate clients in assessing their retirement readiness and creating more successful retirement plans.

If you are ready to get started creating your ideal retirement, I would be delighted to work with you. Book your free consultation today and learn how retirement coaching can help you!

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